You might have been packing for a long time and it feels like you have only just started. You look around and you see your belongings lurking like right before you they are being multiplied by a magical wand. While your energy is being sapped away, the things you still have to move seems like they are increasing. If this applies to you, don’t worry; you are not the first to have this experience and you won’t be the last. Moving is a demanding and exhausting experience for a lot of people, however, there is the hope and the spirit to keep on moving.

Don’t just give up while you are halfway there.

You just need to figure out how you can continue moving before and all through the day you finally move. We will look at some beautiful activities that will give you that boost or lift and help you draw some freshness for a fruitful and blissful moving day.

What might first come to your mind will be to take that nap or lay on the couch to rest that your tired body. Although it might help you temporarily, at the same time it might make you more lazy and exhausted.
Your muscles are already hard from all the packing, sorting and lifting you have been doing.  Suddenly becoming inactive can make your muscles cold and begin to feel sore because of your inactivity.
One good way to deal with that tired feeling is to take a break and stretch your body. There are different stretches and stretching techniques for you to do, whether it is you just changing your positions or doing some light Pilates or even yoga pose.

Stretching your body will help you improve the flow of oxygen to your brain and release more energy.  You don’t necessarily have to be a yoga maharishi or be that flexible to be able to stretch your body.
What this simple body stretch can do for you is to provide that additional surge of energy that will help you to keep up with that move. You can also try and take some deep breath.
When you concentrate on your breathing, it will help you to reset, then you can undertake the rest of your moving tasks with a fresh perspective.







Take a Stroll
Your couch might entice you like never before, but you have to resist it. Come out resilient with your running shoes and head straight out on the street opening yourself to the fresh wind. You can go around your neighbourhood for some minutes and then try changing the atmosphere, maybe visit that garden or a community park.

Some research has reported that it is beneficial to embrace the colour green in nature as it brings about a happy and motivating feeling as you enjoy that garden-fresh air. If you feel bored taking a stroll alone, you might want to take a dog along with you (if you have one) or listen to some music while you relish some fresh air. A quick break in the outdoors will help you keep moving on moving day.


Move with the Music Flow
Has your favourite song been on constant repeat? It might be one of the reasons your motivation is low and you have that tired feeling and think of giving up. Have you thought of changing your music and maybe finding a new energy surge?

Why not find a new playlist, the one you are not acquainted with or a new artist you are yet to know. It might just help you keep up with that move. The startling ambient sound will keep you on a startling flow and new energy.

Take the adventure and select a recommended tracklist from Spotify. Shake to the music and move with the beat for some extra endorphins. You might end up having a new favourite song.


Chill With Your Friends
When you decide to move you are faced with a lot of decisions such as what you want to keep and what to trash. With your friends, that decision will be easier to make. Conversing with your friends can be motivating and help you keep up with the move. Share and undertake tasks together and achieve fruitful teamwork. There are a lot of things you can do with your friends such as seeing a movie or going for popcorns and ice cream after packing some stuff. You can also invite your friends over for a converse housewarming party.

Snack Up For Energy

You might hope on coffee and energy drinks, though they will give you a boost, sooner or later you will crash. It is better to go for healthy power snacks that will provide you with extra energy in the long run.



You can find ideas on which energy snack to go for on Pinterest which can be easy and fun with that happy and motivating feeling. Go for the single and healthy recipes for that quick treat during your task.

One good recipe is making power nachos with dark chocolate, shredded coconut, diced apples and peanut butter. It will keep your stomach happy and maintain your focus. Have you tried any of these ideas to keep up with your move? You can let us know of your experience and how you stayed motivated before and during your move. If you have tried them and still need that extra help you can always look for an affordable moving company in Los Angeles..